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Monday, August 13th, 2007
1:56 pm
Close at hand
Dragon*con is just aroung the corner. 13 days away. Everybody get out the costumes and sharpen those fangs. Kittyn-Capone Productions wiil be there, be sure to stop by our dealers table and see whats going on. 

The famous Harry Potter character 'Nevels" played by Matthew Lewis will be at Dragon*con this year. Be sure get his autograph. Having read the final book myself i can tell you that he plays a major role in the end, if your a fan this a must on the list. 

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Dawn Look-a-Like contest. Hopefully Kittyn-Capone Productions will have an entry into the contest. Show your support for the women on stage. It takes guts to do what they do. Dawns array of costumes aren't exactly 'grandma' wear. most consists of pretty intimate apperal. Again, show your support.

As always, enjoy the con. Hope to see you there.

Kittyn-Capone Productions.

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007
2:08 pm
Been a while.
The host hotels for DRAGON*CON in Atlanta are sold out, and the overflow hotels are going fast! If you don't have your room or DRAGON*CON pass/ticket yet you be a damn good dancer. If you are going to be in the DRAGON*CON parade i have good news, they're allowing 4-wheelers and other off road terrain vehicles in the parade this year. Shifty will be entering the parade with THE OUTTER RIM star wars communtiy. If you live in the Colunbus and surrounding areas and want to join THE OUTTER RIM i'd be happy to invite you to a meeting and you can stay if you like or leave if you don't. Although i'm pretty sure you'll like it. 

Kittyn-Capone Productions has a dealers table this year and i'd love to introduce myself to you if you'd just stop by my table, i promise you won't miss me, i'll be the crazy one in costume. If you mention that i spoke to you in this community i may even throw in a discount or free t-shirt.

If you like other sci-fi and fantasy conventions OMEGA*CON is coming soon. You should visit their host site and check it out. I'm pretty sure Kittyn-Capone Productions will be hosting a Anime Costuming track there. I can't remeber the web address off the top of my head but i'm sure if you go to google and type in OMEGA*CON it will take you to the home page. OMEGA*CON will be located in Birmingham,AL

NERDA*CON at Columbus state university in Columbue,GA was a good go around this year. I've heard their going to give it another go in August. Kittyn-Capone Productions along with DNA hosted a costuming track at the last NERDA*CON, i'm sure will be there again in august.

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Thursday, December 21st, 2006
11:40 am
Freak Accident.
Tuesday, December 19

My boyfriend was in a freak accident yesterday: He is a machanic at a bowling allley:
Last night i got a call from his manager at work and he asked me for Jeremys (boyfriend) parents number, i told him the number and asked what had happened and all the manager knew was that there had been an accident and Jeremy was being rushed to the nearest ER. I rushed to the ER and the corresponding hospital and found that his hair had gotton caught in one of the machines at work. He lost all of his hair and two very small parts of his scalp. The doctors all told him he was extremly lucky the machine didn't rip his entire scalp off, or decapitate him. This is by far the closest he has come to death. This morning his head is nearly entirely swollen and the doctor said it will be for at least 3 more days. He has two black eyes and is very tired. He is carring on conversations and going about a normal day....Only with an obvious head injury. The doctors said a concussion could accour in his sleep so i have to wake him up every 3-4 hours to make sure he remebers his name.

Wednesday, December 20

Today the swelling has gone down tremendously and he had enough confidence to allow me to take some pictures. We visited his work place to reassure his co-workers that he was alive and recovering. Jeremy told his co-workers that he is planing to return after his injuries are healed. But, After seeing all the crying relatives and a very worried girl friend i wish he wouldn't. And on a side note...his boss cleaned the machine and saved jeremys hair for him -kind of morbid- the manager stated " It's not my hair, i'm just returning it to it's owner", i also have a picture of his hair. If you'd like to see the pictures i can e-mail them to you later.

Thank you for reading, 

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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006
1:36 am
Dragon*Con 2007 Updates
Please make note that the D*Con host hotels may not be accepting discount reservations yet.

For any one else willing to attend D*Con as a dealer the 2007 dealer\exhibition packet will be available in January.

Dragon*Con Memberships

The Dragon*Con office closes on August 17, 2007 at 5 pm eastern time. The office will not re-open until after the convention on Friday, September 10, 2007 at 9 am. During this time you will not be able to purchase memberships through the office.

Dragon*Con membership covers all four days, all panels, events, demonstrations, concerts, performances, contests, snacks and munchies in our Consuite (as available) and a host of other activities. The only things not covered in your membership fee are the Guest of Honor Banquet, most Tournament Gaming sessions, materials costs for a few workshops, our Writers Workshop, and certain autographs (at the sole discretion of the autographer; mostly screen stars).

You may order your Memberships to Dragon*Con 2007:

$45 You missed your chance. Sorry!

$50 to 2/15/2007

$60 to 5/15/2007

$70 to 7/13/2007

$85 thereafter

Eternal Members

Eternal Members are $750. Theycan now be purchased through the Dragon*Con Store, or through the office. To order through the office download the Eternal Membership form and send it and your payment to the office.

*Please contact our office to verify that we have your current address

The Dragon*Con Store

Go to www.dragoncon.org for the .pdf Adobe Acrobat version. Please make your check or money order payable to Dragon*Con in US dollars.

Send your forms and payment to:
Dragon*Con 2007 Memberships
PO Box 16459
Atlanta, GA 30321-0459
Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
3:04 pm
2007 Memberships are now available through the Dragon*Con On-line Store.

The 2006 "Fan Photo" links are now listed, please visit Dragoncon.org for the listings.

Did you enjoy the Dragon*Con TV spots? Or maybe you missed them. Take a look at them online at dragoncontv.com.

Check out the online Dragon*Con Store at store.dragoncon.net for art on demand, D*C swag, and more!

Much thanks to all the fans, guests, and staff who participated in the success of the 2006 Dragon*Con
See you next year

Thank you,

Monday, November 6th, 2006
3:50 pm
If you live in the Pheonix city-Columbus area and love costuming and / or star wars finalia. And are interested in joining a club. We are now accepting members for the Star Wars Club. It is a club that coporates with the Dragon*Con community and the Pheonix city-Columbus area.

If you contact me in time, there will be a christmas parade through the area on Dec. 9th. and you may be able to participate in this parade. The Star wars club will be entering a float in this parade and handing out candy to kids. We will be in costume and have club t-shirts to avertise the club. If you make a donation to the club we will list your name on the rear of the float as a sponsor to the club.

Please contact me if you have any more questions involving the club.

Thank you.


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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
11:25 am
Dragon con 2007 Exhibition Hall
Kittyn and Capone productions will be entering into next years exh. hall with music videos, costumes and masks (for sale and display only). I am also announcing a Fan Film for 07 that will be playing on DCTV and at our booth throughout the con.

D*Con discount and price change updates will be listed here when available.

D*Con scheduel and scheduel change will not be available for some time

join this group to enter your user name for a drawing to win a CD-ROM with our first 5 music videos ever made!!!
Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
10:40 pm
I was luckly enough to be at the Concert and also made it to all the Panels the Cruxshadows sat on. When I was there I bought 6 copies of Sophia for X-mas gifts this year.

The Ego Likeness / Cruxshadows concert was the high point of the Con for me. That and meeting up with the MySpace DragonCon group.

Also I found a New Band that I like, Abney Park.

If you want to see my Cruxshadows Pics they are at.


And I posted some Video of the Panels at



If the Video links don't work go to my MySpace home page and click vids under my user picture



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Saturday, April 29th, 2006
1:02 am
Important dates
May 15, 2006
Price Increase - Membership ($70)
May 19, 2006
Ad Deadline (Progress Report)

June 15, 2006
Entry Deadline (Film Festival)

July 1, 2006
Submissions Deadline (Art on Demand)
July 7, 2006
Application Deadline (Guest)
July 14, 2006
Price Increase - Membership ($85)
July 15, 2006
Staff Meeting #3
July 21, 2006
Ad Deadline (Program Book)
July 21, 2006
Mail-In Donations Deadline (Charity Auction)
Monday, April 10th, 2006
1:49 pm
Beware of the hotels, they make you wear shoes, it pissed me the fuck off last year.

Friday, April 7th, 2006
11:54 pm
Volunteer for Dragoncon 2006!!!
Volunteer Staff

*Director: John Bunnell

If you would like to volunteer for staff at Dragon*Con - and we are always on the lookout for qualified people in a variety of areas - PLEASE review the additional staff information on our Volunteer Staff page. You should then attend one of our staff meetings or contact us directly.

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11:52 pm
Purchasing "Memberships" at the Door

*In addition to full memberships, 1, 2 or 3-day passes are available at the Door (and only at the door) on the day that they are good for.

At the door rates:

4 days (Fri. – Mon.) $85
3 days (Sat. – Mon.) $70
2 days (Sun. – Mon.) $50
1 day (Fri., Sat. or Sun.) $30
1 day (Monday) $25

Children under the age of 7 are free unless you wish to make use of the day care facilities, then they need a badge. There is no discounts for children other then the under 7 rule.

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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
8:48 pm
Dragoncon 2006 in Atlanta
The biggest Sci-fi/fantasy convention in the eastern U.S.A. and the second largest in the world!

Hotel Information:

Mariott Marquis- not accepting online reservations for that dates,You must call the hotel and give them the code: DNPDNPA for a discount on your room.
(the Mariott code has been corrected)

Hyatt Regency- not accepting online reservations for those dates, You must call the hotel and give them the code: DCON for a 1 to 3 night say and the code DCN4 for a 4 night stay.

Hilton- accepts online and phone reservations. Give The convention code: DRA for a discount on your room.

With the proper code your room will be discounted to $150 per night at any of these 3 hotels

Days Inn- $89 per night. No code needed.

Phone Numbers-




Days Inn:404-523-1144

To reserve online at the Hilton go to: www.atlanta.hilton.com

Membership Information-

Dragon*Con membership covers all four days, all panels, events, demonstrations, concerts, performances, contests, snacks and munchies in our Consuite (as available) and a host of other activities. The only things not covered in your membership fee are the Guest of Honor Banquet, most Tournament Gaming sessions, materials costs for a few workshops, our Writers Workshop, and certain autographs (at the sole discretion of the autographer; mostly screen stars).

You may order your Memberships to Dragon*Con 2006:

$60 if ordered before 5/15/2006

$70 if ordered before 7/14/2006

$85 thereafter

Memberships can be purchased from the online Dragon*Con Store at store.dragoncon.net. The online Dragon*Con Store accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Paypal.

To order by mail go to www.dragoncon.org and click "memberships" at the top of the page, click the .pdf format and print the order form and send it to:

Dragon*Con 2006 Memberships
PO Box 16459
Atlanta, GA 30321-0459

Your membership can also be purchased at the convention.

Convention Information:

All 4 hotel are within walking distance of each other, The Mariott and the Hyatt are the epicenter of the convention and the Hilton Is the registration point. For those of you that ordered online the Line is alot shorter, And tose of you purchasing on site will have about a hour to two hour wait.

Gaming this year is taking place in the Hilton. Make your reservations accordingly.

The Marriott's current room
clock is full. I spoke to the hotel directly. the
reservation rep told me it was odd that D*C had not
blocked all of the rooms this year. That leads me to
believe there might be a problem with the records in
the system.

I sent an email to the hotel contact on the D*C web
site but haven't heard anything back yet. I'm not
advocating a 'letter writing campaign' but perhaps if
D*C got more than one mail about it, they'd check on
the hotel's records and/or add more rooms into the

Marriott will be more than happy to make a reservation
for you, at $239/night, so clearly there are available
rooms - just not at con rate, even over the phone.

-J Price/D*C parade group leader

Watch the comments on this entry for Updates to this information.

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8:44 pm
Dragoncon 2006 in Atlanta!!!
Welcome to Dragoncon at Livejournal.com

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