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Been a while.

The host hotels for DRAGON*CON in Atlanta are sold out, and the overflow hotels are going fast! If you don't have your room or DRAGON*CON pass/ticket yet you be a damn good dancer. If you are going to be in the DRAGON*CON parade i have good news, they're allowing 4-wheelers and other off road terrain vehicles in the parade this year. Shifty will be entering the parade with THE OUTTER RIM star wars communtiy. If you live in the Colunbus and surrounding areas and want to join THE OUTTER RIM i'd be happy to invite you to a meeting and you can stay if you like or leave if you don't. Although i'm pretty sure you'll like it. 

Kittyn-Capone Productions has a dealers table this year and i'd love to introduce myself to you if you'd just stop by my table, i promise you won't miss me, i'll be the crazy one in costume. If you mention that i spoke to you in this community i may even throw in a discount or free t-shirt.

If you like other sci-fi and fantasy conventions OMEGA*CON is coming soon. You should visit their host site and check it out. I'm pretty sure Kittyn-Capone Productions will be hosting a Anime Costuming track there. I can't remeber the web address off the top of my head but i'm sure if you go to google and type in OMEGA*CON it will take you to the home page. OMEGA*CON will be located in Birmingham,AL

NERDA*CON at Columbus state university in Columbue,GA was a good go around this year. I've heard their going to give it another go in August. Kittyn-Capone Productions along with DNA hosted a costuming track at the last NERDA*CON, i'm sure will be there again in august.
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